giovedì 28 luglio 2011

La culla dell'umanità

Siamo tutti figli dell'Africa. Ai tempi, non era come noi oggi lo conosciamo. Ad esempio il Sahara, 8000 mila anni fa, era un'enorme distesa verde.

Un'altra opera d'arte del canale MelodySheep di YouTube. Questa volta negli scenari non è più presente Carl Sagan, ma la giovanissima Alice Roberts. Sono anche presenti Jacob Bronowski (all'inizio), Bronowski (al secondo 37), Carolyn Porco (al minuto 1), Jane Goodall, Robert Sapolsky, Robert Sapolsky, David Attenborough (in successione, ritornelli esclusi).

Ora, spazio alla Sinfonia della scienza: la nostra storia -"Figli dell'Africa".


[Jacob Bronowski]
Man is a singular creature;
He has a set of gifts which make him unique among the animals
So that unlike them, he is not a figure in the landscape
He is the shaper of the landscape

[Alice Roberts]
We are all children of Africa
They say this is where it all began

In a parched African landscape
Man first put his foot to the ground

Africa was our only home
for tens of thousands of years
until a small handful of people made their way
out of Africa

[Carolyn Porco]
These beings with soaring imagination
Eventually flung themselves and their machines
Into interplanetary space

We are all children of africa
This landscape has been home to humans
Two hundred thousand years

We have come so far
All of this is cause for great celebration
We have come so far
This is a story about us

Those early Europeans
Were people like you and me
But it is humbling
When you see the challenges they faced

People like you and me
Overcame the Neanderthals
People like you and me
Made it through the ice age


[Jane Goodall]
We are not the only beings
With personalities, minds, and feelings
Chimpanzees have very clear personalities

[Robert Sapolsky]
Take a chimp brain foetally
And let it go two or three more rounds of division
And out comes symphonies and ideology

[Neil deGrasse Tyson]
Everything that we are
That distinguishes us from chimps
Emerges from that one percent
Difference in DNA

People like you and me
Overcame the Neaderthals
People like you and me
Made it through the ice age


[David Attenborough]
Using his burgeoning intelligence,
This most successful of all mammals
Has exploited the environment to produce food
For an ever increasing population.

Instead of controlling the environment
For the benefit of the population
Perhaps it's time we controlled the population
To allow the survival of the environment

Una canzone particolareggiante, si possono notare nel sottofondo gli strumenti musicali africani, i quali occupano un 80% del sottofondo. Un ottimo mix, dunque, tra tradizione, scienziati, cultura e scienza. Il risultato è considerevole, come avrete notato.

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